Here goes nothing…

With much trepidation and anxiety about disclosing too much of my personal life, I enter into the world of blogging. Everyone says it’s a necessary component to owning a small business, and since I’m already off my rocker (a requirement to starting your own company), here goes nothing.



My company, Spots and Ladybugs offers all sorts of fun craft kits for kids. Our newest line is called Smalltown Flats – slotted doll furniture for your BDFs (Best Doll Friends).

Smalltown Flats are part puzzle, part craft, part doll furniture – all rolled into one. They come with flower stickers for kids who like structure and quick gratification (no judging – we have all been there!), but are open-ended in that you can choose to embellish the furniture with other art supplies (that you most likely have in spades at home).

Over the next few weeks, I will post about some of my techniques, and perhaps you will be inspired to try your hand at some of them.

I hope to have all sorts of fun things to talk about, and I am aiming to do a blog post at least once a week. We’ll see how that goes. I am not a regimented person, so this will be a challenge.

See you again soon!


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