Tutorial Tuesday – Fun with Chalk Board Paint


This tutorial is so easy it’s almost embarrassing, but here it is.

Get a can of Chalkboard Paint at your local paint-supply or craft store. I used Krylon Chalkboard – which is a flat black paint, found at my local Sears. They also sell it in a liquid form, so kids can actually paint it on. NOTE: Using spray paint is definitely a grown-up/outside/fresh air-kind-of-job).


Take the Smalltown Flats pieces of choice (I used the Trestle Table, as it can actually double as a kitchen table and a desk) and lay them on an old piece of cardboard or a tarp cloth to protect your belongings.

In true fashion, I thought I knew what I was doing and removed the tiny little white pin that is actually the spray paint nozzle. DON’T DO THIS!!!  I dripped paint all over kingdom come. (When I couldn’t figure out what in the actual world was happening with all of the dripping, I quick popped it back on. Agggghhhh….)

Any-who… spray a few coats on each piece and let them dry, then flip and paint the other side.


I took chalk and rubbed it all over the whole piece and then took a wet paper towel and erased it. Somewhere somehow someone told me that it was good to do this step. It may not be necessary, but I did it. And frankly, it was fun.


And there you have it. I discovered that I don’t really know how to draw food. Or things. But I had fun trying – hope you do too!!!


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