Tutorial Tuesday – Fabulous Fireworks

img_0744_logoThis is an easy and beautiful way to decorate your Smalltown Flats slotted doll furniture.

Supplies: colored pencils, & your choice of Smalltown Flats (we used the Lovely Loveseat and then we made another one with the Booster Seat!)

Start by making an asterisk * anywhere on your furniture piece with your choice of colored pencil.

Next, pick a second color and expand your circle around the asterisk.

Pick a third color, and continue this process, picking whichever colors please you as you go!

When your circle is as large as you want it (varying sizes look the best), make another firework circle somewhere else. Then make another, and another until the piece is totally covered.

This process takes a little bit of time, but as you can see, the results are amazing!

After completing the Loveseat, we did another one with the Booster Seat, and the results were similarly beautiful!




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