My Unrelated-To-Anything Favorite Things…

In an attempt to replicate the inimitable Oprah’s list of favorite things (encouraged by my friend Tanya), I will surely disappoint, but I am never one to shy away from a challenge.

Here goes my very first list of My Favorite Things.

The Amazon Visa card. I don’t know why I held out so long on my crappy old cards with rewards I never used. I use this ALL the time, and it makes me happy when I can buy a pair of shoes – FREE OF ALL OF THOSE CHARGES.  The rewards accumulate and then you can apply them to your purchases. (Shout out to above-mentioned-Tanya for directing me to this game-changer. I totally owe you a Costco-sized bag of Hershey kisses. Bonus points because I can use my new card at Costco!!!)

UPS My Choice – automatic notification of package delivery. Wonder when your box is going to arrive? Look no further than your email or text messages. Go to their website for info on how to sign up. The holidays are almost here – make haste!!!

Last Christmas my kids got two super-ridiculous over-sized fuzzy blankets. For $20 each. 11 months later, and they still refer to it as the best Christmas present ever. After envying theirs all year, I finally bought one for our bed. If you are looking for the coziest throw on the planet, your search is over! (Note – because I am lame, I did a search online for a picture, and found this blanket write-up on the “CostcoCouple” website. Don’t judge – I didn’t want to leave the comfort of my plush blanket to take a picture!)

The Simply Fit Board – this is SO fun! I have yet to see my abs turn into a dozen-pack, but maybe a baker’s dozen. Wait, what?

American Giant – clothing made in America. I am partial to the Classic U-Neck T Shirt and I have badgered them about a long sleeve version to no avail, but their clothing is worth your time. I promise. I also am a fan of their moto jacket styled sweatshirt. Flattering, cozy, and cut impeccably.

Hope you enjoyed my random ramblings. Maybe I’ll do this again, maybe not. I’m just that unpredictable!!!









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