More Random Unrelated Things I Love

The last RUT post I did was such a success that I will attempt another. Some of these would make great Christmas gifts. I am not going to number them because I can’t for the life of me figure out this wordpress formatting, so I apologize in advance for the less-than-stellar readability…

My family used to camp when I was growing up. Some of my fondest memories were made roaming campgrounds with my sister, making friends, finding the “game room” and being told to be quiet after hours by campground management.

I married a man who loves the outdoors, and is a connoisseur of outdoor survival programming, yet he is also a fan of modern-day plumbing. Therefore, my kids have never been camping. Stands to reason then, that my youngest is obsessed with campers and her dream is to drive a teardrop trailer across country. I recently found this Airstream Basecamp –  and I’m totally joining her if she’ll have me! (THAT is what the kids these days call life goals, I think…)


These Stan Smith Adidas sneakers are slightly more affordable. I do not know why it took me so long to acquire them. Being a tall person, I have large feet. I spent my youth wearing tight shoes that rubbed, bound, and blistered… but were cute.

stansmithWhen I had kids, vanity took a backseat to comfort, and I have been on a never-ending quest for the perfect shoes, boots, and sneakers. These Adidas make my feet look smaller (a bonus!), but the most amazing part is that they are so ridiculously comfortable. I feel like my toes can spread out, and really be themselves. Just be forewarned that my whole family agrees that the graphic of Stan Smith on the sneaker’s tongue is creepy, but don’t let that stop you!


I was introduced to Beautycounter by my friend Emily (who incidentally is one of the hardest-working side-hustlers you will ever meet). I immediately fell in love with their mascara (perfectly sticky so you don’t always have to use an eyelash curler, and it builds the lash beautifully), charcoal soap & mask, shampoo & conditioner (if only you could smell the deliciousness here), and their lipgloss (my fave color is Sienna – you wouldn’t immediately be drawn to it, but it looks amazing on everyone). If you are in the market for any of these things, I think you will also be smitten. I think you can sample things, but I’m a 10-toes-in type of person, so I just bought the full sizes. You will not regret it!

citrus-pressWhenever my kids have their friends over, snacks are a critical element of the fun. I typically break out the lemons and our countertop citrus juicer, and set the kids to making their own fresh lemonade. This is not just a fun toy for the kids though; every month I get a huge bag of lemons, juice them all and store the juice in a Mason jar in the fridge. I mostly use it for lemon chicken. And yes, I know you can get real lemon in the grocery store, but fresh-squeezed really does make your food taste better!

I had a few things to hang in my house and realized that I was out of picture hanger/molly bolts, which required a trip to Home Depot. I stared at the selection for nearly 20 minutes looking for something I recognized that would hold a heavy-ish (12 lbs) object on the wall. Frustrated by my lack of options, I settled on Cobra Wall Biters.


I have to admit, I did not have high hopes, but I was pleasantly surprised! They were sooooo easy to install (you basically hammer them in on an angle), and they are really sturdy. I may never use anything else again!

Pop-sockets. Ok – THIS is one of my favorite tech items. But I guess it’s not tech–it’s for tech. These cool little things attach to the back of your phone so it’s easier to grip and hold. The disks pop out, then pops back to collapse against your phone. There is also an optional holder to put it on your car’s dashboard for when you use your phone’s navigational apps.


An alternate use is to wind your earbuds around the socket, but I don’t use it that way. I got mine on the Grommet, but I think they are available elsewhere.

That’s it for now – Happy Friday!


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