Tutorial Tuesday – Sweet Stencil!

Stenciling is one of the easiest ways to decorate your Smalltown Flats. Supplies needed are simply your Smalltown Flats furniture piece (I used the Trestle Table and the Pair O’Chairs), a stencil sheet (I used an old one from a home reno project – it was a Martha Stewart design bought at a craft store), paint (I used poster paint and white acrylic), and either a foam pouncer or a cosmetic sponge.


I wanted the effect to be simple and not overdone, so there wasn’t much too it. I envisioned old needle point chair coverings and a matching vintage table cloth.

First, I applied the base color with the red poster paint and let it dry. Then I set the stencil upon the top and used the sponge to apply the white acrylic paint. A little goes a long way. (Note: I taped the stencil down so it didn’t shift.) Let it dry and you’re done!


There are so many stencils out there – I’m sure you could use a lot of different things to make your own though – clear plastic lids from produce containers work well, and I know some of them have circles already cut into them – they would make a great polka dot pattern. Look in your recycling bin; you can oftentimes find all sorts of objects to make simple stencils with!


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