Becoming an Entrepreneur

As I was driving through town the other morning, I followed someone who was throwing newspaper circulars out of the window. Which first, surprised me that that is still happening, but also, I was suddenly transported back in time when I vividly remember how BADLY I wanted a paper route. My parents were not convinced that it wouldn’t become THEIR job, so sadly I had to settle for babysitting, weeding, and housecleaning for a little bit of spending money.

Anyway, I started to think about all of the different jobs I’ve had over the years, and thought I would chronicle the list for posterity.

Ok kids, here it is – your path to fortune and fame. Just replicate it exactly…

  • weeding (one of my least favorite jobs ever, but in a strange twist of fate, I now plant things in my own yard that need weeding)
  • babysitting (being the baby of the family, these kids filled my need for being bossy)
  • pet sitting
  • house sitting (awesome gig if you can get it)
  • clown-at-a-party (what was I thinking…)
  • catering (Sunday breakfast in college consisted of leftover chocolate cake – yum!)
  • Roy Roger’s Ranch Hand (that polyester red shirt, denim coverall dress & plastic cowboy hat combination was delightful AND attractive.)
  • ‘R Gang sales clerk – I crossed the mall hall and “graduated” to the cutest stuffed animal store!
  • Fuddruckers cashier – I still love their shakes and steak fries!
  • hotel chambermaid – not my favorite, but in an elevator-less inn, I was in the best shape of my life after going up & down 5 floors with huge bags of towels and sheets. I also can now fold sheets like a ninja, if ninjas fold sheets…
  • hostess/waitress (at wayyyyy too many restaurants to count)
  • Army/navy story employee (my life-long love ofolive-drab anything started here)
  • Housecleaner for home rental real estate agency (amazing what people leave behind)
  • Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank beach attendant (I discovered that being paid to hang out at the beach was not as much fun as going to the beach with your friends)
  • CT tourism at the local CVB – assistant, then sales & then marketing – where I was first introduced to graphic design. I owe it all to my sister, who found me my first real job after college – thanks J!
  • Executive assistant for the owner of a the financial firm
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways – creative dept./graphic design
  • Sales & Marketing for a financial firm
  • freelance graphic design
  • business owner

Looking back, my work history seems random. The last part looks like the jagged cut edges from pinking shears. The material is cut point to point, but not without a lot of ups and downs.

If anyone is reading this from any of my past work lives, thank you – you have made an indelible mark in my life and heart. This life journey is an epic adventure – one for which I am so grateful.

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