Tutorial Tuesday – Marbling!


I’m sure you have seen this technique before, but I had never experienced the joy of it first-hand! This is so simple and fun, and the only supplies you need are shaving cream, food coloring, and toothpicks or the end of a paintbrush. Also, of course, a Smalltown Flats piece of furniture, which in the picture above, is our Cozy Couch.

I have now done this process twice, because when I did it with my 12-year old, my 16-year old wanted to try it. Yes, you read those ages right. Hahaha

I learned a couple of things though. First, to reduce cleanup, use an empty box instead of something you have to wash. Second, you don’t need a squeegee, as a piece of cardboard will suffice.

Below, you will see that I just cut the bottom off of a box, and used the side of the box as my scraper.


First, squirt the shaving cream into the bottom of your tray/box.


Then, randomly drip food coloring onto the shaving cream. We used two colors both times we did this as we wanted them to be blend to make a third, more subtle color. I have seen other people use many more, but I was trying not to make brown.


Next, take toothpicks or the end of your paintbrush, and swirl it around.


I got a much better picture of this with the green and blue variety – pretty, right?

Next, you will take your furniture piece, and lay it down flat – right on top of the shaving cream. Make sure you push it right in, so the whole thing is covered in shaving cream. Then, pick it right up and squeegee it off.


You will see the beautiful marbling revealed immediately. It is SO cool!


The last step is to just wipe it dry with a paper towel.

That’s it! Simple, huh? Here are the other two pieces we did. Easy, fun, and beautiful! (Oh, and minty fresh!)


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