Favo-RUT List #3 (Random Unrelated Things)

So I guess this is a thing, and I gave it a special name. I am actually pretty proud of it – hahaha. This list of my favorite things comes with a disclaimer – they are not products. They are things that I tuned into this week and realized I loved them. Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes kind of thing.

Without any more fanfare, here it is. Drumroll, please…

  • When the snow melts and you have room to put your garbages at the end of the driveway instead of pushing them up on top of a 37 foot snowbank.

  • When something you ordered shows up a day earlier than expected.

  • The split second you complete the laundry and all the baskets are empty. This has been documented by a few people, so I know it actually happens out in the wild.

  • Discovering that you have a log of chocolate chip cookie dough in the refrigerator when you need it the most.

  • The website instructables.com – it brings me joy every time I find their email in my inbox. The things people come up with are nothing short of inspiring.

  • The fact that we can now recycle plastic bags – people, this is life-changing. I will no longer feel guilty for forgetting my reusable shopping bags in my car.

  • A 60 degree day that just spontaneously shows up as if it rightfully belongs in Connecticut in February

  • Companies that repurpose things. We have a local shop called Urban Miners, and they disassemble homes slated for the wrecking ball and sell them. I have bought antique flooring, impossible-to-find door hardware that matches our 1925 house, a watering can (which frankly, was a bust, both literally and figuratively when I got it home and discovered the multiple leaks – but as long as I fill it up and sprint to my flowers, I can still use it!)

  • Tinfoil shaped into swans


  • The sound you hear when you open a brand new can of tennis balls. I cannot deny the happiness it brings me – in fact, thank you to some special friends who ALWAYS let me open it on Round-Robin Fridays.

Hope you all find your happiness this week.

xo Ali

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