Tutorial Tuesday – Sparkly Bubbles!


This is a Kate Spade-inspired chair. Simple and elegant.

Supplies needed: something to stamp circles (we used some Martha Stewart circle sponges, but you can use sponges cut in a circle, or plastic bottle caps), fun glitter (fine glitter looks the best) and glossy Mod Podge. We used the Smalltown Flats Lovely Loveseat.


Basically, stamp using the sponges and the Mod Podge, placing the circles randomly around the furniture piece, then pour the glitter on all at once, reserving the extra to pour back into the bottle to reduce waste.


When we were done glittering, it looked like this:


To prevent the glitter rubbing off, we just dabbed more ModPodge right on top of the glittered circles and let them dry. It worked perfectly!


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