Time Saving Tips – Quick French Toast

I am about to list one of my tried-and-true time-saving tips. Wow – that’s a lot of hyphens in that first line. Ha. My high school English teacher would be mortified by all of the cliches, but I doubt he’s reading this. On second thought (to cover my bases):

Hi, Mr. Lippman – I hope you are well. As you can see – my love of cliches has deepened over time, second only to my love of hyphenation and ending my sentences with prepositions. I signed myself out of your honors class, but perhaps I should have stayed. Chalk that up to immaturity and my desire to make things easier for myself. Please let me know if there’s any hope for my future.

Now, back to the regular programming…Time Saving Tips

I am fortunate enough to be at home with my girls a lot. This means that I am there to usher them out the door in the morning and when they return from school in the afternoon. The mornings are always hectic, and I want to send them off with a good breakfast. Cereal is a good stand-by, but I don’t feel like there’s enough good protein in it. And they don’t like plain eggs or omelettes. What’s a mom of picky eaters to do?

IMG_6810Quick French Toast. On Monday morning, I mix eggs, milk, salt/pepper, and vanilla extract in a rectangular glass pyrex dish with a lid. I make enough for the whole week, keep it in the fridge, and pull it out as needed to dip whole wheat bread and throw it in the cast iron pan in the morning. TOTAL time-saver. I can make this breakfast in just a few minutes, and I feel so much better knowing they have had something decent to eat before school.

I usually just throw ingredients together randomly, but here’s a general guide.

• I typically crack 8-10 eggs for the week. This translates to roughly one per piece of bread for a total of 10 pieces of French Toast.

• Add milk (I usually eyeball it for a ratio of 1:1) and wisk it together.

• Squirt about a tablespoon of vanilla extract (I don’t know if you can add too much or to little of this – I’ve never had any complaints)

• Add pepper (I usually shake in the amount to make a thin layer covering the mixture)

• Add about the same amount of salt. It is possible to both under-salt and over-salt. If you’re not sure, under-salt, because you can always sprinkle a bit on after it’s cooked.


I throw it in the cast iron skillet with a little butter, and flip it a lot! I know some people use oil so that it doesn’t burn, but I prefer the taste of butter, so that’s what I use, and just keep an eye one the pan. If I do brown it more than I think the girls will like, I sprinkle a touch of confectioner’s sugar on it, and throw some fresh berries on the side.


That’s it! Hope you all have a great week!!!





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