Tutorial Tuesday – Watercolor Parachute

This is reminiscent of the parachutes I played with as a kid – it’s been described as a sunburst, but I like calling it a parachute.

Start with a quarter – and place it in the center of your Smalltown Flats piece. I used a 4-Poster Bed, because I wanted a lot of canvas.

Trace around the quarter lightly with a pencil. Then, when you’re done, use a ruler and draw lines on either side of the circle, fanning out around the circle.

Take some watercolors, and start painting! You could use different techniques – symmetry (same colors opposite each), infinite colors (see how many different colors you can make), or just random fun!

IMG_6516    IMG_6518

I stuck with the opposite spectrum, and I think I love it!


On the bottom of the bed, I did alternating colors, so it looks almost circus-tent-like, but you could easily leave it plain. Either way, I love the way the colors blend!

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