Tutorial Tuesday – Thrifty Tissue Paper

I love when I have craft supplies on hand. I love it more when I can find items to repurpose, ones that would otherwise be destined for the trash can.

One day as I was wrapping a present, I discovered my serious stash of tissue paper and found some sheets with pretty scalloped edges. I thought they would make ideal bedsheets for the 4-Poster Bed, so I laid them out on top and they were actually the perfect size!

Inspired, I traced where I needed to cut them for the sides and top, and then used plain glue and a paintbrush to paint them on!


In order to have the tissue not shift around, I put a small amount of glue on the bed to tack it down, then I painted the top of it with white glue.

The paper was wrinkled a bit, but I didn’t mind that look, as it added texture. I have heard that people used to iron their tissue paper to make it look new, but I was fearful of burning it, so I didn’t bother.

The whole project took me less than an hour, and I left it to dry for a day before putting it together. I didn’t want the flat pieces to permanently glue together (yes, I have done that more than once). 🙂

Once it is dry, you can use a pencil, opened up scissors, or a dull kitchen knife to score/cut the paper that is covering the slots.



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