Tutorial Tuesday – Dish Brush Dandelions

Bed_Dandelions_1654.jpgThis beautiful 4-Poster Bed features whimsically stamped Dandelions across a painted blue sky.

img_7004.jpgSupplies: paint for the background (watercolors or watered down acrylic paint), white acrylic paint, green acrylic paint, paintbrushes (small and large) and a round dish bristle brush.

Start by painting a blue background. I used watered down blue acrylic paint because I had it on hand from the bubble tutorial (it had a bit of dish soap in it too!) Watercolors dry fast and the slightly opaque look is perfect for a sky.


When it’s dry, take your bristle brush and dip it in a small amount of white acrylic paint. Use the heel of your hand to press it onto the blue background in a few different places. When you push it to the paper, the plastic bristles may splay out a little, that’s ok. It will look even more enchanting!


Using the green paint, make a couple of stems for your new dandelion puffs.


Add some grass at the bottom of the bed, and you’re done!

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