Tutorial Tuesday – Nested Hearts

Loveseat Vignette_HeartsThis sweet little Lovely Loveseat is decorated using a simple crayon resist.

Supplies list: watercolors, white crayon, white acrylic paint, scrap paper (used to cut out the heart template).


First trace a heart on a piece of scrap paper. I used cardboard but I think paper would actually work better as it’s easier to cut. (In fact, if you have any of those handy heart-shaped post-it notes, that would make it even easier!)

Place it down on the back of the loveseat, centered just underneath the peak. Trace around it with a white crayon.


Pick the heart up and place it right next to the first one, and trace around that one. Continue to do that in a line across the front of the loveseat.

Turn the heart upside down and nest it in between two of the already drawn hearts. Trace around the top only (the two heart bumps), as the bottom will be automatically filled in from the other connected hearts!


Using watercolors, paint the hearts alternating colors. The wax crayon will resist the paint, acting as a natural border.

IMG_0407IMG_0409When I was done with the back of the chair, I water painted the other pieces. Using the white acrylic paint, I painted a swirly on each arm to give it more flair.


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