Tutorial Tuesday – Watercolor Parachute

This is reminiscent of the parachutes I played with as a kid – it’s been described as a sunburst, but I like calling it a parachute. Start with a quarter – and place it in the center of your Smalltown Flats piece. I used a 4-Poster Bed, because I wanted a lot of canvas. Trace around the quarter lightly with a pencil. Then, when you’re … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Watercolor Parachute

Time Saving Tips – Quick French Toast

I am about to list one of my tried-and-true time-saving tips. Wow – that’s a lot of hyphens in that first line. Ha. My high school English teacher would be mortified by all of the cliches, but I doubt he’s reading this. On second thought (to cover my bases): Hi, Mr. Lippman – I hope you are well. As you can see – my love of cliches … Continue reading Time Saving Tips – Quick French Toast

Short on Space?

Short on Space? One of the beautiful features of slotted doll furniture is it’s compactibility. (Frankly, I wasn’t sure that was even a word until I typed it and it automatically spell corrected. Oops – I’m wrong – it’s not a word and it spell corrected to compatibility. So no.) As you can see in the photo above, there is the same amount of doll furniture … Continue reading Short on Space?