Becoming an Entrepreneur

As I was driving through town the other morning, I followed someone who was throwing newspaper circulars out of the window. Which first, surprised me that that is still happening, but also, I was suddenly transported back in time when I vividly remember how BADLY I wanted a paper route. My parents were not convinced that it wouldn’t become THEIR job, so sadly I had to settle for babysitting, weeding, and … Continue reading Becoming an Entrepreneur

Moving Day, the Smalltown Flats Way

This is a picture of the day we took delivery of the Smalltown Flats. Each of the boxes that you see above contain 20 of a particular set (20 Cozy Couches, 20 Trestle Tables, etc). That means that in this container, there are almost 10,000 pieces of doll furniture! Funny to think that if these were not Smalltown Flats, just ONE item would likely be in … Continue reading Moving Day, the Smalltown Flats Way

Taking Calculated Risks

Taking calculated risks is part of life. Often as you move toward a looming decision, the classic real life drama (not to mention psychologically thrilling) Fight-or-Flight can occur. This was certainly the case launching Smalltown Flats. In general, I think I am a positive person and an upbeat thinker. However, I usually run through every worst-case-scenario in my head to prepare myself mentally. Inasmuch as I loved my own idea, I am 99.5% practical … Continue reading Taking Calculated Risks

Short on Space?

Short on Space? One of the beautiful features of slotted doll furniture is it’s compactibility. (Frankly, I wasn’t sure that was even a word until I typed it and it automatically spell corrected. Oops – I’m wrong – it’s not a word and it spell corrected to compatibility. So no.) As you can see in the photo above, there is the same amount of doll furniture … Continue reading Short on Space?

How Smalltown Flats was born…

I think the number one question I get asked is, “How did you come up with this idea?” Certainly a straightforward question, but I sense most people don’t want to sit there for 45 minutes while I explain the innermost workings of my brain, so it is most often answered with a quick response of “I don’t know.” However, now that you are here, I will take that as a … Continue reading How Smalltown Flats was born…