Tutorial Tuesday – Lettuce Stamping, Muses, Musings and More

As my kids got older and spent more time in school, they were less likely to make art for the pure joy of making art. They became more goal oriented. Whether that was a result of being genetically related to me, or unspoken societal cues, I will never know. What I do know however, is that the process of learning something new, trial/error, and experimenting with old items in a … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Lettuce Stamping, Muses, Musings and More

Tutorial Tuesday – Fantastic Flowers

This Lovely Loveseat was designed and painted by my daughter. We found some sample watercolor flowers on Pinterest, and she just tried a bunch of styles out and came up with this. She didn’t set out to have as much white space, but I think it looks so pretty just lightly embellished around the edges, so I convinced her to leave it like that. All you … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Fantastic Flowers

Tutorial Tuesday – Fabulous Fireworks

This is an easy and beautiful way to decorate your Smalltown Flats slotted doll furniture. Supplies: colored pencils, & your choice of Smalltown Flats (we used the Lovely Loveseat and then we made another one with the Booster Seat!) Start by making an asterisk * anywhere on your furniture piece with your choice of colored pencil. Next, pick a second color and expand your circle around the asterisk. … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Fabulous Fireworks

Tutorial Tuesday – Woodworking with Watercolors!

This came about as a way to make these pieces look like regular wooden furniture. Basically, all you need is a ruler, a white crayon, watercolors, and your Smalltown Flats furniture of choice. Shown above is the Pair O’Chairs and Trestle Table. Step 1 – Line the ruler up on the furniture piece you are decorating, and using the white crayon, draw a straight line on either … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Woodworking with Watercolors!

Tutorial Thursday – Simple Stamping

This is easy, quick, and fun! Supplies: wooden block, 2-4 elastic bands, acrylic paint (we used a tube of blue watercolor), and your Smalltown Flats furniture. We used the Smalltown Flats Cozy Couch. Wrap one elastic band around the wooden block a few times. Wrap another elastic band around the block going the opposite direction. “Ink” the stamp either by brushing the paint onto the block, or pressing the … Continue reading Tutorial Thursday – Simple Stamping

Moving Day, the Smalltown Flats Way

This is a picture of the day we took delivery of the Smalltown Flats. Each of the boxes that you see above contain 20 of a particular set (20 Cozy Couches, 20 Trestle Tables, etc). That means that in this container, there are almost 10,000 pieces of doll furniture! Funny to think that if these were not Smalltown Flats, just ONE item would likely be in … Continue reading Moving Day, the Smalltown Flats Way

Tutorial Tuesday – Fun with Chalk Board Paint

This tutorial is so easy it’s almost embarrassing, but here it is. Get a can of Chalkboard Paint at your local paint-supply or craft store. I used Krylon Chalkboard – which is a flat black paint, found at my local Sears. They also sell it in a liquid form, so kids can actually paint it on. NOTE: Using spray paint is definitely a grown-up/outside/fresh air-kind-of-job). … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Fun with Chalk Board Paint

Taking Calculated Risks

Taking calculated risks is part of life. Often as you move toward a looming decision, the classic real life drama (not to mention psychologically thrilling) Fight-or-Flight can occur. This was certainly the case launching Smalltown Flats. In general, I think I am a positive person and an upbeat thinker. However, I usually run through every worst-case-scenario in my head to prepare myself mentally. Inasmuch as I loved my own idea, I am 99.5% practical … Continue reading Taking Calculated Risks

Tutorial Tuesday – Tissue Paper Magic

I have been saving random tissue paper for a while now. If it’s totally wrinkled, I typically trash it, but I am a big believer in letting little go to waste (a product of my upbringing – thanks Mom & Dad!). My stash included tissue paper from Vineyard Vines, and it was so cute that I couldn’t bear to toss it, but realistically, it was quite wrinkled and … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Tissue Paper Magic

Short on Space?

Short on Space? One of the beautiful features of slotted doll furniture is it’s compactibility. (Frankly, I wasn’t sure that was even a word until I typed it and it automatically spell corrected. Oops – I’m wrong – it’s not a word and it spell corrected to compatibility. So no.) As you can see in the photo above, there is the same amount of doll furniture … Continue reading Short on Space?