Tutorial Tuesday – Fantastic Flowers

This Lovely Loveseat was designed and painted by my daughter. We found some sample watercolor flowers on Pinterest, and she just tried a bunch of styles out and came up with this. She didn’t set out to have as much white space, but I think it looks so pretty just lightly embellished around the edges, so I convinced her to leave it like that. All you … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Fantastic Flowers

Tutorial Tuesday – Fabulous Fireworks

This is an easy and beautiful way to decorate your Smalltown Flats slotted doll furniture. Supplies: colored pencils, & your choice of Smalltown Flats (we used the Lovely Loveseat and then we made another one with the Booster Seat!) Start by making an asterisk * anywhere on your furniture piece with your choice of colored pencil. Next, pick a second color and expand your circle around the asterisk. … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Fabulous Fireworks

Tutorial Tuesday – Woodworking with Watercolors!

This came about as a way to make these pieces look like regular wooden furniture. Basically, all you need is a ruler, a white crayon, watercolors, and your Smalltown Flats furniture of choice. Shown above is the Pair O’Chairs and Trestle Table. Step 1 – Line the ruler up on the furniture piece you are decorating, and using the white crayon, draw a straight line on either … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Woodworking with Watercolors!

Tutorial Thursday – Simple Stamping

This is easy, quick, and fun! Supplies: wooden block, 2-4 elastic bands, acrylic paint (we used a tube of blue watercolor), and your Smalltown Flats furniture. We used the Smalltown Flats Cozy Couch. Wrap one elastic band around the wooden block a few times. Wrap another elastic band around the block going the opposite direction. “Ink” the stamp either by brushing the paint onto the block, or pressing the … Continue reading Tutorial Thursday – Simple Stamping

Tutorial Tuesday – Fun with Chalk Board Paint

This tutorial is so easy it’s almost embarrassing, but here it is. Get a can of Chalkboard Paint at your local paint-supply or craft store. I used Krylon Chalkboard – which is a flat black paint, found at my local Sears. They also sell it in a liquid form, so kids can actually paint it on. NOTE: Using spray paint is definitely a grown-up/outside/fresh air-kind-of-job). … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Fun with Chalk Board Paint

Taking Calculated Risks

Taking calculated risks is part of life. Often as you move toward a looming decision, the classic real life drama (not to mention psychologically thrilling) Fight-or-Flight can occur. This was certainly the case launching Smalltown Flats. In general, I think I am a positive person and an upbeat thinker. However, I usually run through every worst-case-scenario in my head to prepare myself mentally. Inasmuch as I loved my own idea, I am 99.5% practical … Continue reading Taking Calculated Risks

Tutorial Tuesday – Tissue Paper Magic

I have been saving random tissue paper for a while now. If it’s totally wrinkled, I typically trash it, but I am a big believer in letting little go to waste (a product of my upbringing – thanks Mom & Dad!). My stash included tissue paper from Vineyard Vines, and it was so cute that I couldn’t bear to toss it, but realistically, it was quite wrinkled and … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Tissue Paper Magic

Short on Space?

Short on Space? One of the beautiful features of slotted doll furniture is it’s compactibility. (Frankly, I wasn’t sure that was even a word until I typed it and it automatically spell corrected. Oops – I’m wrong – it’s not a word and it spell corrected to compatibility. So no.) As you can see in the photo above, there is the same amount of doll furniture … Continue reading Short on Space?

How Smalltown Flats was born…

I think the number one question I get asked is, “How did you come up with this idea?” Certainly a straightforward question, but I sense most people don’t want to sit there for 45 minutes while I explain the innermost workings of my brain, so it is most often answered with a quick response of “I don’t know.” However, now that you are here, I will take that as a … Continue reading How Smalltown Flats was born…