Tutorial Tuesday – Diamond Crayon Resist

Couch Vignette_Diamond.jpgFor this fun diamond pattern, you simply need a white crayon, ruler, and watercolor paints. I used the Smalltown Flats Cozy Couch because it gave me a good amount of surface for the repeating pattern.

I started out by placing a ruler diagonally on the back of the couch piece (imagine a triangle from the top of the piece to the bottom) and then I ran my crayon on both sides of the ruler from end to end. I went back and forth to make sure it really marked it well.

Tip: Use a very well-lit area with a bright lamp to see the almost invisible lines you are making!

Line up the ruler again (using the line you just drew to mark out the right spacing between lines) and make another set of parallel lines. Continue until you have don’t the whole piece this way.

Next, place the ruler diagonally on the back of the couch piece in a criss-cross fashion. Just like the first set of lines, run your crayon on both sides of the ruler from end to end. Repeat the process from before, so you now have a diamond checkerboard of sorts.

I didn’t take pictures while doing the couch itself, so I re-enacted it on this paper!


Using your selected watercolor paints, fill in the diamonds in any way you choose. I loved the symmetry of the every-other, but you could easily do random colors and make it a rainbow stain-glass effect!


I chose to make the bottom and sides a little bit different, and using the same white  crayon, made a fun swirly “S” design on the arms, and little button stars on the seat. I then covered them with the watercolor paints and the crayon marks “resisted” the paint.

Happy painting!!!

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