Tutorial Tuesday – Thrifty Tissue Paper

I love when I have craft supplies on hand. I love it more when I can find items to repurpose, ones that would otherwise be destined for the trash can. One day as I was wrapping a present, I discovered my serious stash of tissue paper and found some sheets with pretty scalloped edges. I thought they would make ideal bedsheets for the 4-Poster Bed, … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Thrifty Tissue Paper

Tutorial Tuesday – Watercolor Parachute

This is reminiscent of the parachutes I played with as a kid – it’s been described as a sunburst, but I like calling it a parachute. Start with a quarter – and place it in the center of your Smalltown Flats piece. I used a 4-Poster Bed, because I wanted a lot of canvas. Trace around the quarter lightly with a pencil. Then, when you’re … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Watercolor Parachute

Tutorial Tuesday – Super Stars

This Lovely Loveseat was decorated with Elmer’s Rubber Cement and paint (I used the blue & red acrylic paint thinned out with water that I used for the bubble tutorial, so technically, there’s dish soap in it – but plain watercolor works well too). The dish soap in the solution made a cool denim fabric look, as micro-bubbles danced in lines across the random brush strokes. … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Super Stars

Time Saving Tips – Quick French Toast

I am about to list one of my tried-and-true time-saving tips. Wow – that’s a lot of hyphens in that first line. Ha. My high school English teacher would be mortified by all of the cliches, but I doubt he’s reading this. On second thought (to cover my bases): Hi, Mr. Lippman – I hope you are well. As you can see – my love of cliches … Continue reading Time Saving Tips – Quick French Toast

Tutorial Tuesday -Painting with Soap Bubbles

This was such a fun experiment. I mixed together some regular ole blue and red acrylic paint (about a tablespoon of each), then added about 1/2 cup of water and stirred it. I squeezed in some dish soap and mixed it again. Once the solution was fully integrated, we bubbled the liquid with a straw. VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t forget yourself and mistakenly drink it!!! When … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday -Painting with Soap Bubbles

Tutorial Tuesday – Sparkly Bubbles!

This is a Kate Spade-inspired chair. Simple and elegant. Supplies needed: something to stamp circles (we used some Martha Stewart circle sponges, but you can use sponges cut in a circle, or plastic bottle caps), fun glitter (fine glitter looks the best) and glossy Mod Podge. We used the Smalltown Flats Lovely Loveseat. Basically, stamp using the sponges and the Mod Podge, placing the circles … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Sparkly Bubbles!

Favo-RUT List #3 (Random Unrelated Things)

So I guess this is a thing, and I gave it a special name. I am actually pretty proud of it – hahaha. This list of my favorite things comes with a disclaimer – they are not products. They are things that I tuned into this week and realized I loved them. Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes kind of thing. Without any more fanfare, … Continue reading Favo-RUT List #3 (Random Unrelated Things)

Tutorial Tuesday – Marbling!

I’m sure you have seen this technique before, but I had never experienced the joy of it first-hand! This is so simple and fun, and the only supplies you need are shaving cream, food coloring, and toothpicks or the end of a paintbrush. Also, of course, a Smalltown Flats piece of furniture, which in the picture above, is our Cozy Couch. I have now done this … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday – Marbling!