Tutorial Tuesday -Painting with Soap Bubbles

This was such a fun experiment. I mixed together some regular ole blue and red acrylic paint (about a tablespoon of each), then added about 1/2 cup of water and stirred it. I squeezed in some dish soap and mixed it again.

Once the solution was fully integrated, we bubbled the liquid with a straw. VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t forget yourself and mistakenly drink it!!!


When the bubbles rose above the jar, we just lightly tapped each piece of our Smalltown Flats 4-Poster Bed to the bubbles, then blew into the straw again to make more bubbles, tapping those down with another piece of the furniture.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Or something like that…

In all seriousness, make bubbles, pop them, repeat.

We decided not to decorate the head and footboards, and stuck with just the top of the bed and the side rails. I loved the way this turned out!!!



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